P4CF does not condone the initiation of violence. More info will come out soon and there will be a peaceful resolution.

Those of us who know these people involved tonight know without any doubt that they would never initiate violence or instigate gunfire. The joint FBI / OSP press release was quick to state that “shots were fired,” but they did not say by whom.

If any of you recall the Sheriff’s press release from when Council, ID rancher Jack Yantis was murdered last year, it might sound familiar.

Multiple credible sources have confirmed that one of our own was gunned down while unarmed, and clearly surrendering. Please pray for the family. Please pray for peace. Please pray for the leadership of Harney County that they may have the strength to do what is right. They need the courage to realize that without the of federal and state law enforcement present, there would have been no violence tonight.

In the case that the leadership in Harney County is lacking, we should plead for intervention by a more experienced, respected Sheriff. A Sheriff such as Grant County’s Glenn Palmer. Sheriff Palmer, please help these people understand that they should not be at war with the American people. They should not regard their own citizens as adversaries.

I would like to remind those who pulled the trigger tonight that their perceived “authority” does not supersede fundamental morality. What’s right is right, without exception. Yet God loves you, and we will pray for you.

We must now turn our attention to those who have been caged by the very enforcers they have been trying so hard in good faith to maintain meaningful dialogue with. We must all demand their immediate release. Just like every other day away from the Resource Center, they have done nothing wrong. So why tonight? What has changed suddenly that the federal enforcers are now charging them, but not any other time?

What has changed is how close we are to the truth.

Luke 12:3

Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.



  1. Sorry for your lose of a Great man. I was so proud to introduce my 19 yr old son. I was proud that he had the chance to meet such a man. We pray to our Savior that you make it thru this hard time. If you ever need anything please feel free to call any time.

    Thom Davis

  2. Peaceful resolution? No more Waco’s? Which is it?
    Informant, ambush, murder!
    Standby? OK, PPN, C4CL, Where is the credibility?

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