Month: January 2016

Breaking news from Harney County. Native American speaks out!

Shirley Warren, of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, stopped by in an unofficial capacity to view the condition of the improperly stored [...]

Ammon Bundy Gets Support from Retired LEO, Veteran

Ammon Bundy is honored for his role in leading the Hard Stand against a tyrannical federal government and its agents of [...]

Harney County Rancher Speaks Out Against Tyranny

Local rancher elaborates on more blatant abuse of private citizens by federal [...]

New Mexico Rancher Signs Contract Nullification

Here is a copy of the contract [...]

TVOI News Article

Watching the events of the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters unfold has been nothing if not an incredible learning experience and [...]

Ammon Bundy Meets with Harney County Sheriff

Ammon extends the olive branch to Sheriff David Ward as he takes the initiative to open a line of [...]

TVOI News Article – Hammond Case Explained

The U.S. Government’s case against Dwight and Stephen Hammond amounts to a prosecutorial slapp suit. A slapp suit in civil matters is a “strategic [...]