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Robert “LaVoy” Finicum is a hero and his legacy will live on forever. A hero is generally defined as “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” Those of you who took any time at all to find out for yourselves the circumstances that led to his murder should agree. LaVoy is most certainly a hero to many, many others, but he is also so much more than that.

LaVoy is a loving father and devoted husband. One conversation with him revealed a deep foundation of extraordinary grace. He is a man of principles, and above all a man of immutable faith. It’s no surprise that countless strangers and acquaintances adore him. LaVoy and his family sacrificed their lives and their livelihood for all the rest of us.

Amid times of rampant nationalism it is quite common to hear people talk about how “freedom isn’t free.” Unfortunately many people associate that expression only with employees of the government. It is the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that come to mind — and rightly so, of course. Contrary to what some of the hateful machines of the media spew, LaVoy believes government is necessary. In fact, the federal government has a select few specific duties, including protecting us from imminent foreign threats.

LaVoy always knew that “freedom isn’t free,” and he didn’t hesitate when the time came to put principle into action. He had the courage to face the deadliest gang that our small world has ever known. He stood up to Goliath for all of us. Whether you agree with him or not, he stood up for everyone. Even if you were among those writing hateful words about him, he stood up for you. He truly walked the walk, he loved his neighbor as himself.

Liberty, or lack thereof, affects everyone. One can choose to ignore that truth, or even disagree with it, but that does not change what is. Similarly the concepts of right and wrong are objective as well. They do not depend upon you to acknowledge nor define them in order for them to exist. Heroes like LaVoy know what is right and what is wrong, and it doesn’t require a degree to understand. If it’s the right thing to do it’s the correct thing to do, regardless of its popularity. Put another way: An action that’s legal is not necessarily right. Indeed, if you murder someone it makes no difference if you had permission from government.

Most people can acknowledge that collectively the concept of government was created in order to protect its citizenry. Ironically government is nothing more than a group of people, many of which are the same people from whom one seeks protection. It’s no question that government is fallible. That is why we must also protect ourselves from our own government, up to and including abolishing it entirely.

That is why LaVoy sacrificed everything for all of us. There was nothing in it for him personally, or his family. Furthermore, he did it peacefully. Throughout history most revolutions have accompanied war or various forms of mass violence. LaVoy had the courage to spearhead a strategy that does not necessitate the initiation of violence.

Rather we can nullify the power of the bully, we can ignore it out of existence.

That does not guarantee that those bent on doing wrong will not murder or coerce us, but courageous men and women of integrity will do the right thing. That is what LaVoy did and that is why he is a hero, but please do not forget his family. Just like family member’s of fallen soldiers, they have sacrificed more than most of us will ever know. Mrs. Finicum and her family are facing terrible hardship as they cope with living separated from their hero.

Please consider donating to the Finicum family or at least purchasing a copy of LaVoy’s book, “Only By Blood and Suffering” Mrs. Finicum relies upon the sales of his book as her income. Click on the book to go to their website and browse the store.


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Please share far and wide. Always do the right thing, and as LaVoy said to me: “Kill them with kindness.”

~ Ed, The Virus







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