Grand Jury Action, Murder of LaVoy Finicum

A group called “Grand Jury Action,” led by Stewart Waterhouse of Hawaii, has filed a Criminal Complaint along with his Affidavit and extensive supporting documentation. Within this affidavit Mr. Waterhouse asserts that the pistol allegedly found in Mr. Finicum’s pocket was planted. The purpose is to formally request that a Federal Grand Jury be convened to investigate the murder of LaVoy Finicum by OSP, FBI, and other unknown entities.

Along with all the evidence presented, which is not even all of it, Mr. Waterhouse also collected and presented 3,000 signatures affirming the will of the people to investigate with a grand jury.

Affidavit of Stewart Waterhouse by Grand Jury Action

3000 Signatures by Grand Jury Action

You can find all the supporting documents for this criminal complaint by going here.

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