First Visit from Sheriff Wehrly at Camp Liberty

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly showed up in her ATV on Saturday, May 6th to make her presence known. She told us things like “as long as you’re peaceful, you have a right to demonstrate,” and “we’re gonna let the justice system work.” Be sure to watch the video interview below, it’s quite entertaining. She claimed not to have any knowledge of why the Bundy family is currently being held hostage there, but then remarked that Nye County is likely the only county that supports us.

“I’ll protect your right to demonstrate, but when you cross the line and it becomes civil disobedience, then I won’t.” – Sharon Wehrly 5/6/2017

There was no mention of any issue with us parking our demonstrating on the County right-of-way. There was no mention of the need for any permits to be there either. I wonder what changed from her determination to protect our right to demonstrate on 5/6 and her “Undersheriff” giving us an ultimatum on 5/15. Among many, one of the outright lies she told us that day is that all the inmates have the ability to pick up the phone at any time and call her office to report abuse.

Sheriff admits inmates cannot call 911

Sheriff admits inmates cannot call 911

Despite all the people she’s likely kidnapped and delivered to this hostage center, she doesn’t seem to realize that there are no phones in the hole. Even if they did have access to phones, retaliation by the staff for reporting abuse is all but guaranteed – in some form or another. Regardless of all that, CCA (CoreCivic, INC) staff locked down the facility on 5/5 completely and nobody was allowed to use the phones. There is little-to-no oversight on these private hostage centers as it is, and the elected officials who are charged with protecting people just pass the buck. Nevada Southern’s inner workings are “not within our purview.”  

I’m not sure what the origin of the term “cop-out” is, but this Sheriff epitomizes it wonderfully. She was quick to bring up that “people on FaceBook” have been sending their department death threats, and we are somehow responsible or accountable for that. As much as I have tried to stay informed I haven’t seen any such posts, but even if they did exist those people are not affiliated with us nor are they welcome at Camp Liberty. Most likely people publicly making belligerent statements or inciting violence are Government provocateurs anyway. Despite everything Judge Navarro attempted to hide from the jury in the most recent Bunkerville trial, they saw right through those tactics.

– Ed, the virus



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