Camp Liberty is Moving, Day 11 Eventful

It was an eventful Monday at Camp Liberty. Everyone is excited for the Finicum family, including LaVoy’s horse, to host some special events this week. Volunteers continue to take on the Torture Chamber Challenge, lots of mail is starting to come in, and we got the pleasure of selecting better location for the camp. Don’t worry its less than a quarter mile away from the old one. If you haven’t been to visit yet, be sure to make it this week and plan to stay the weekend.

John Lamb receiving daily mail at Camp Liberty

John Lamb receiving daily mail at Camp Liberty

Later on we got a surprise visit from the Nye County Undersheriff, Brent Moody. He alleged that the department received a letter from the owner of the property adjacent to our parking lot, and that we had 24 hrs to move, or risk arrest. This came as a surprise to most because we had reached out to the owner of record through some local people to seek their express permission. Allegedly they would not like us to be on their property any longer. We are more than happy to comply and we will absolutely avoid any private property for which we do not have permission to be on. We could just stay on the county right-of-way where all the cars are parked, the awnings are, and the mess tent is. No problem right? Well apparently that will not please the crown any longer. Like a typical politician, he proceeded to issue edicts while pretending to be on our side. [I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.]

“There’s a series of permits you have to apply for to be on County property…” “I don’t care if you camp out here forever. Doesn’t matter to me.” – Undersheriff Moody

Effectively this was a notice of trespass for our presence on the private ground, but also a warning to get off the County right-of-way as well. Typically the right-of-way extends out 40 feet from the center of the road, which easily provides space for parking and continued operations. After further pressing on the issue, they finally cited an irrelevant ordinance to justify this. You can read a little more about that here.

Similar to our visits with Sheriff Wehrly, Moody wasn’t able to provide much factual information to support his commands. Things that you might expect a deputy to know, like whether or not specific plots around us are publicly or privately owned. You would think that in the course of dealing with this for over a week he might brush up on the surrounding land ownership, especially since we specifically asked the Sheriff. However, I guess you might expect that though from an Undersheriff who has an uncertain relationship to his official job title. Apparently he was unable to complete the POST certification course, so he can’t wear a badge – only a firearm. See the “informal” press conference on this from last fall here.

Little did he know that another land owner was happy to offer us the use of their land. Their plot is in an even better location too – right across from the employee entrance. First thing in the morning we will be moving camp there. A presence at this new spot will mean that all vehicles coming out of either gate will be passing our camp, and provides better exposure for the message. God opened a window, as he always seems to do, and John spent much of the day running around town making things happen. So come on down to the new and improved Camp Liberty and bring friends, because we are here to stay. We will be closer than ever to the inmates and were bringing in some sound equipment to entertain. And don’t worry we haven’t changed the mailing address.

– Ed, the virus

  1. Opps…. they might consider this some kind of “threat” if we are against their “rulings” they have come up with. I about DIED when the Sheriff was asked if he supported his Oath to the Constitution and he said “Yes” but then when asked what it meant, he said he didn’t know, you would have to get a Constitutional Lawyer to decide it…. When Clearly ALL YOU REALLY HAVE TO DO … is READ it!! First Amendment rights now need you to buy that right back from the Government via a “permit”? HA!! So much fakery in our system today and this is a big one!

  2. I would make sure to get the permission of the owner in writing. It will avoid any problems down the road. Good luck and god bless you all. Justice will be served!

  3. You all are absulutely amazing! Fantastic accomplishments. Undersheriff is lieing like the BLM agents in the Nevada TRIAL and FBI in THE OREGON trials. They’re creating a false narrative to convince the world that peaceful protesters are violent. When he and his men are the only ones with weapons and threats.They are COWARDS and dishonorable crooks working for and with CCA. Sounds like they killed a prisoner in their jail this past week. They’re just as bad or worse than CCA.

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