NCSO investigation concluded

The Nye County Sheriff has concluded its investigation into the abuse of Ammon Bundy. Their investigation concluded that no Nevada laws were broken by the heavy-handed CCA staff. Never mind common sense or basic humanity, if there’s no law against it then we don’t care. 

Protecting people is not in our purview, just punishing people. 

This is all the more reason we cannot sit idly by while tyranny reigns. We cannot count on any politician to help us. Government cannot and will not solve or problems. Government is the problem. The solution is for us all to stand up and show those who seek to control us that we will not comply. 

It’s important that we don’t use violence though, because “it matters how you stand. ” Violence is a tool of the state, implemented by the order followers. We cannot become them and we don’t have to. We already outnumber the enforcers by a significant margin. Stand up, don’t comply. 

– Ed, the virus



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