The Daily Mail at Camp Liberty

As another day comes to an end it’s important to thank God for all the blessings he gives us. Though this fight has been long, and the end may not seem imminent, there is no other cause more worthy. There are so many fronts in this war against tyranny that it’s difficult to stay focused. 

Right now the brave, principled men and women of Camp Liberty are actively working to end prison abuse. At least that’s how it may appear – but it’s just part of a much broader campaign to restore humanity. For far too long we have let factions divide all good people; we have let tyranny reign, leading us down this path where people have become objects. People have become “terrorists” and “detainees,” “defendants” and “militants.” Most people can agree that abuse is wrong no matter their faction. When the recipient of that abuse is called a “militant” however, suddenly it’s acceptable. As if mere labels can strip a human being of their natural right to be treated humanely. Conversely, the same applies to people who wear costumes and labels that dilutes them into thinking they have “authority.” 

Just as no human being can lose their right to things like a fair trial, no human being can gain the right to be master over another. 

In a time when it is easy to lose faith in people, it is all the more encouraging when good things happen. Even things that may seem like small gestures can leave huge impressions. In the mail today, among so many other blessings, was a package full of kid’s toys and activities. It was accompanied by a sincerely thoughtful letter, and is one more reason to praise God. 

So come on down to Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada and join this important cause. Be on the right side of history, but more importantly the righteous side of humanity. 

Below is the video of Neil opening all the wonderful mail today. 

– Ed, the virus

  1. Why are there no recent posts? This is August 24th and two more P4CF supporters have been found not guilty of all charges. Should that not be a headline? Have you given up on organizing a nationwide P4CF organization?

    • Unfortunately I have not personally had time to update content on this website, and I have not been able to find any volunteers to assist. Spending time at the refuge and at camp liberty has drained all my savings so for now I have to focus on working and feeding my family. If you know someone who would like to contribute articles or content to this website please let me know. – Ed

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