RT America Does Special Report on the Liberty Movement

RT America reporter is welcomed into the Harney County Resource Center for exclusive access, and a chance to show the truth to the world. There is no [...]

Government Negligence, Hazardous Buildings

See for yourself how the federal government has abused the land and buildings of the Harney County Resource Center, formerly the Malheur National Wildlife [...]

Ammon Bundy Meets with Harney County Sheriff

Ammon Bundy, on behalf of the People for Constitutional Freedom, initiated contact with the Sheriff in good faith effort to discuss the [...]

Infowars Reports the Truth About #BundyMilitia

Reporter from Infowars is welcomed into the Harney County Resource Center to see for himself what is really going [...]

Good Morning America Segment, January 4th, 2016

Ammon and Lavoy correct ABC News anchors as they try to broadcast [...]

Ammon Bundy Calls For Support For the Hammonds

Before the occupation, there was an incredible effort mounted via all other means available. On November 24, 2015 Ammon called upon all people to take notice [...]