With all the misinformation (and outright lies) being thrown around it is especially important to get your information from the source. Please share this page with as many people as you can.

  • Are we “anti-government” or “anti-federal government?”

No. Absolutely not. Spokespeople for P4CF have made it abundantly clear that we are not. Our purpose is not to abolish the government or the federal government. In fact, if one were to put a label on it, we would be federalists. See the definition for federalism.

That simply means that we are advocates for a federal republic form of government, which is what our founders intended. What we have now does not operate as a federal republic, not as our Constitution defined. You don’t need any special knowledge or education to understand that the Constitution was created to protect the people from the government. It was acknowledged that a central or federal entity was needed in order to perform a few very specific duties.

Our form of government was designed by the founders to protect each individual’s natural rights. It was designed for maximum representation and to stifle the growth of tyranny, as it inevitably manifests. Ultimately, each individual is responsible for the enforcement of these principles. The founders also clearly acknowledged that we the people would have to fight to keep the form of government they created. Not only did they have incredible foresight, but primarily they learned from hindsight. The consequences of tyranny were fresh in their minds while they debated the proper path to take following the Revolutionary War.

  • Do we think all public lands should be privatized?

No. We advocate for the public lands to be returned to the People. They should be available for all Americans to benefit from. What would this look like practically? Imagine a West where the counties managed the large expanses of public land. Your county issued grazing permits, recorded water rights, and administered the programs on those lands. Your local elected officials are far more accountable to you than the non-elected bureaucrats that run the BLM, USFS, USFW, EPA, etc. The rules that are made by these federal agencies are not law, they are not voted upon, and there is no accountability. There is also no redress for any grievances. These same non-elected employees that make the rules are the ones who preside over the appeals processes. If one is abused by one of these federal agencies, or just an employee of one of them, there is very slim chance of having any recourse.

Contrast that broken system with one where people who live and work in your county administer the lands and programs. If there is an abuse, you have someone you can actually talk to. It may not be perfect, but it would incredibly more fair and less susceptible to corruption.