The most important thing you can do to end prison abuse is to come join us! Your presence forces the media to pay attention, which is especially effective against a publicly traded corporation like CCA (CoreCivic, INC: CXW on NYSE).

Remember this is a detention center, so most inmates have not been convicted of a crime, or seen a trial yet.

For those of you who want to come but don’t have a ride, consider carpooling! We have people from all over the country coming and going all the time. Most of them would love to have you join them. Post to your Facebook or contact people that are involved. Also post in the Camp Liberty event page and let us know you need help with a ride. Bring a tent, an RV, whatever you like. The most important thing is to bring yourself – you can be an instrument of change.

For those of you who can’t come, there is plenty you can do to help:

Call the Nye County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 751-7000 and express your concerns. Please be calm and assertive, but do not make threats of any kind. Not only is violence not acceptable, it is certainly not going to affect positive change. You can also send them e-mails at

They have launched an investigation into the allegations about Ammon Bundy on or around 5/2/2017. Ask them to release the video evidence. As of yesterday they are stating that no policies or procedures were violated by the staff. Regardless of how “policy” can be written or interpreted, they need to stand up for human beings and judge the events based on what’s right – not what’s legal, lawful etc. Those are all euphemisms for “I’m above basic human morality.”

Despite the fact that NCSO stated no policies were violated by CCA corrections staff, there was a rumor that one of their employees has been put on leave. Ask if this is true and how that aligns with “no policy has been violated.”

There are reports that another inmate was shackled to a bench for several days. Ask if this is being investigated.

On 5/9/2017 an inmate named Joseph Woolbright died while in their custody at Nye County Detention Center. Keep in mind this is not the same facility as Nevada Southern Detention Center. It is however another event that warrants investigation. Here is the press release for this event.

Ask the Sheriff if Sgt. David Boruchowitz still works there after his scandal from last year. Read more here. Is this the detective that is investigating the abuse of Ammon Bundy?

Ask the Sheriff if Deputy Robert Cathcart still works there after he choked his wife and barricaded himself in his house last year. Read more here. Guess who his union rep is? Reportedly its Sgt. David Boruchowitz.

Remember, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Call the Nevada Southern Detention Center directly. You can reach them at (775) 751-4500. Option 9 goes to the warden’s secretary. Call the public information officer, Kayla Gieni at (775) 751-4540 or email her at

The Facility Leader (warden) is Janice Killian, since May 2017.

The corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer is Scott Craddock, email him at

You can call CCA’s ethics line at (866) 757-4448 or file a report online.

Call your local media and request that they do some of that journalism we used to hear about. FOX5 in Las Vegas came out and did a short segment, but that is not nearly enough. This is a human crisis.

Write letters of encouragement to all the political prisoners, it really does help. Many of these people have been in here for YEARS waiting for their day in court. Someday it could be you – all it takes is accusation by our Federal government and you could be “lodged” in one of these fine facilities. Consider donating to their commissary or phone accounts. Refer to the page with a list of political prisoners and their contact info.

Spread the word to everyone you know. This is not a political crisis, it’s a human crisis. Don’t let faction obfuscate morality.




  1. Y’all know your man Trump appointed an AG that holds stock in these private prisons, right? Checkout Vangaurd Investments holdings. I think that might be a barrier to real reform.

    • Another reason why we are not waiting around for politicians to resolve these issues for us. For myself, Trump is definitely not “my man” – Ed

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