Daily Update with Ammon Bundy – January 26th, 2016

Ammon explains what’s currently going on and addresses some questions.

Ammon Bundy explains the #OregonFront

These public lands belong to us all. Just as the heritage of liberty. From the Native American, to the rancher and the hunter. By taking the land back from the illegal occupation of the Federal goverment, we can restore the rule of law and with it the peace and prosperity of our land.#LibertyRevolution

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#BundyRanch #FreeTheHammonds #LibertyRevolution #OregonUnderAttack #‎OregonStandoff

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  1. When we as a people rise to meet this for to our freedoms, let us try to do it in such numbers where they can’t murder, incarcerate, hide behind color of law, etc.
    we need to organize as a militia, one armed, one not.
    The one that is not needs to March. Against this blatant crime against our freedom.

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