Help The P4CF Members Arrested!

#BundyRanch #FreeTheHammonds #LibertyRevolution #OregonUnderAttack #‎OregonStandoff #AmmonBundy

  1. hello from france
    it s so horrible
    I don t now what to said
    We created a parti of independance of France
    do and protect yourself as you can
    do in secret
    the killers are not european, they are jude. they appliqued talmud and coran every where
    we have no right in there. like dogs
    it s the demonstration
    it s what they done
    so they don t appliqued humain right for people, but just for them, they are killers
    good luck
    hélène lombard

  2. Asking people to turn themselves in after asking them to show up is stupidity. Now is the time to load that refuge with people sneaking in.They arrested Ammon because the word,movement had spread to neighboring counties,you where winning .Don’t stop because you didn’t stay in the compound that is your failure to everyone that supports yu. Rethink your position and respond like a Patriot not like a person in a box.

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