Anonymous Calls for Justice for Lavoy

The group called Anonymous has joined in and voiced their support for Ammon Bundy. They are calling for justice for the murder of Lavoy Finicum.

Anonymous: "We Stand with Ammon Bundy"

BREAKING: News2Share has received a video from the hacker group Anonymous condemning the FBI shooting of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.Read More:

Posted by News2Share on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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  1. This was a very good video. I have come to the conclusion that we will be at odds directly with our different governments before the summer is over. Personally, I am a free man created by YHWH. TPTB have made it clear what they intend to do. I will respond in kind to this threat. Personally, I believe we should FORCE the Dept of ‘Just-us’ and the US Marshalls to release everyone having to do with Bundy Ranch or Malheur.

  2. I am Three Percenter I have been relaying Info since the First hours of Occupation into the Anonymous Collective And also to Patriots I also notified The Oathkeepers who I have now. Dropped my membership in as I did not agree with thier decission to stay away from Oregon. So what I am saying is Anonymous has been Informed of The Situation since Day One. We have been loosely Following like the Blm lighting fires video and other major info before the Occupation.Anonymous has many ,many People withen them and there is even infiltration in thier Collective but most are exposed pretty quick .we reference the Collective in the begining as the 99% the rest of the people who are not the the Elites the 1% of the world they are still all over the world still called the 99% but have Recongnized that many of that 99% hopefuls are not on board many People still have not awakend and likely wont if they haven’t by now. And many Loyalists just like in 1776 .I moved away from Anonymous and as I gained more knowledge of The History of this Country what went wrong how it went wrong when,and who and who is in Control Now and all thier affiliates and the Organic Laws.and assocciating with The 3%ers but I have continued with sharing Info with the ones that would Defend themselves with arms and the a few of the Oldest Anons on giving them Info on the history and getting others to rise to the level of The 3% of the 99% as we Do have The Same goal of Freedom and Liberty for all So The Ones I have found that are willing to go into harms way and have the knowledge its gone past the point we Can Restore the Republic through The System that The Standing in Defiance Peacefully but not backing Down is the last hope before full Revolution,So A Militia has Formed in Anonymous of 3% ers and Patriots calling themselves Vox populi that have been very informed on this Oregon Situation Anonymous has Many different types peaceful masked and unmasked protesters,Organizers, Hackers ,info Gatherers,Negotiators ,Professional legal Schoalers,Soldiers, Support Teams for all the different factions withen,ect. So they are fully informed of the Situation they are so many it just takes a Little time to get all the Info Gathered to the Right Ones that announce The Plans of the Collective and are Very Careful with their Opperations They dont like to anounce they will be acting on something unless its been examined over and over with every possible outcome practiced only a select few are Soldiers who have become 3%ers. And every bit of Info I come across is shared with many Veterans 3%ers,Patriots Cowboys Fed Up People with this Corperation posing as Government their are Less then 70 People I Get info to and vice versa but they are highly informed on many things and None want Violence but have accepted violence will be used upon them And are like your Family .they will Defend themselves when possible and will not give Up but the wing of Anonymous it falls onto as of now is the Professional sytem shakers and technical Cyber warriors and the Ones that stand are the same patriots and 3%ers for ground ops so what we have is a huge Family of many talents That I have Worked aLong time with and that When it comes to being in harms way they know the ones to trust and When We need Professional cyber Warriors and System crashers and many other tools They will do thier thing when they are informed and see how Important a situation is and footwork done by 3%ers they are very interested in as they know the Intel that 3%ers have that they are the most knowledgable of what has happened here over the last 240+ years the knowledge to set up a better way and will be Looked to when its over as the Founders where when people say now what ?.. They are very Cautious when it comes to requests for thier envolvement they have ended up in simular situations in the past as what has happened in Oregon they have been ambushed ,raided,disapeared,assulted by thugs while being non violent, false Imprisonment, and even Killed. And are continually targeted by all enforcement factions of this out of Control Oligarchy…and I will let you know this Battle has just begun its Far from Over and “We The People” we will be The Last Ones Standing and Having Anonymous ,On Board is a Very Good thing they are a very Useful Tool,for standing against the Tyrants and thier Technology

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