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February 15, 2016 – Shawna Cox and local Harney County citizens Chris Briels and Tom Davies give in-depth interviews on what’s really been going on. They discuss work that was done while at the Harney County Resource Center and address droves of misinformation. Broadcast by Truth Frequency Radio on The Freedom Link with Joe Joseph.

Chris Briels, Former Fire Chief of Burns, Oregon

See related article here with video of the press conference where Chief Briels announced his resignation.

Shawna Cox, Patriot, Author


Tom Davies, Patriot, Harney County Rancher

Rancher Tom Davies

Rancher Tom Davies nullifies his contract with the BLM on 1/22/2016

Audio Radio Source: Burns Oregon: The Aftermath with Shawna Cox

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  1. Yeah, I have come to the conclusion that mainly corrupt, sick, sociopaths seem to gravitate to politics. Look at word ‘poli’ ‘tic’- It doesn’t have a positive connotation. Anyway, after awhile, all their minions are sociopaths, paedophiles, and many other things. The normal, civilian population begins to suffer as a result of the tyranny that begins. We are just repeating history it seems, and I pray we all get tired and stop it.

  2. I know how if feels to have a homestead take. My husband fought for this country and died from a result of it leaving me the homestead.. We cultivated and planted grass and flowers for 20 years. What was supposed to be my 99 year lease rights became a month to month lease right. People beware don’t invest in property from a city, county or federal land, no matter how good at the time and promises made, don’t add up to a hill of beans, it adds up to dog crap.

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