Counter Criminal Complaint

This complaint was sent to Judge Brown today.  We came to the assistance of Dwight and Steven Hammond that were victimized by public officials. We must push back against those in power and expose the corruption links of those who ordered the execution of LaVoy Finicum and ourselves. Click here to view the official document submitted today.







#AmmonBundy #BundyRanch #FreeTheHammonds #JusticeForLavoy #LibertyRevolution #OregonUnderAttack #‎OregonStandoff

  1. Pray for yall and I am hopeful that we’ll work it out when SCOTUS turns conservative a half decade later. As a Tea Party Patriot,I don’t want innocent citizens punished by Big Government.

  2. you guys are right on. Please keep up the research and put out all the information you come up with as the public is so misinformed but as we push the TRUTH peoples eyes will be opened!!
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. The big mistake most of us are making is that we have forgotten who we really are.

    We get trapped into the jurisdiction of the Sea or maritime and admiralty law which these corporate tribunals operate in as they are all corporations. Our proper jurisdiction is of the land and we are owed the common law in that jurisdiction.

  4. They were shooting rubber bullets in order to provoke a shootout and give cause for MURDER! See Victoria and Shawna’s eyewitness account, the bullets were bouncing off the right side back seat. BULLETS DONT BOUNCE OFF WINDOWS!

  5. They were shooting rubber bullets at the truck from the beginning to provoke a shootout, giving them a cover to turn them into Swiss cheese. That’s why the window on the right side back seat never broke. Both eye witness accounts (Victoria and Shawna) stated that the “bullets were bouncing off that window but it never broke”. BULLETS DONT BOUNCE OFF WINDOWS! With that much gunfire, AT SUCH CLOSE RANGE, NOBODY WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE. Once Shawna Cox was out of the vehicle, they asked her if anybody was in the car, once she said no they opened up on the trucks right side to cover up the rubber bullets. Eye witness accounts found rubber bullets at the scene, and the FBI ADMITTED TO SHOOTING RUBBER BULLETS/BEAN BAG ROUND AT THE INITIAL STOP WHEN RYAN PAINE PUT HIS HANDS OUT THE RIGHT FRONT PASSENGER WINDOW. See video evidence from witness at the Saturday rally afterwards in Burns. They pressured them down the road, with the intent to make them think they were going to die anyways so why not go out shooting, thus giving cover for MURDER!!! RIP LV I will teach my children about you, and their children!

  6. I feel we should be acting as a team to proofread each other’s material. When all charges are on one document, there is a high risk of it getting thrown out. If all charges are on separate documents, chances are slim that everything will get thrown out. Here is the key: In cases at law, the case is null and void at the discovery of the first defect. If everything is lumped together, there is a high risk there will be a defect and get tossed out. If charges are filed separately, there is less likelihood of that happening.

  7. I am praying for all of you on a daily basis. I am doing my best to promote the issue, draft papers, and get my personal life in order in case I get an indictment. I really wish I could have had the opportunity to teach a class on Commercial Law. It would have saved some grief.

  8. Rock on may the Light of God lead you may the Light of God direct you may the Light of God be in you may the Light of God surround you and provide Super Natural Protection for you. In the Blood of Jesus I pray Amen.

  9. I believe you will go down into history as part of “The First Responders”…God Bless you. And your Family. Thank YOU. For your strength, integrity, passion, and courage.

  10. Wow! I wish you luck as well. I’d also want to get this involved in the fire you talk about, and your son-in-laws death.
    I love the 666 part very good. Accurate too I might add. Go get em.

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