New video evidence released

Decide for yourselves people. Was this right or wrong?

LaVoy Assassination 2nd Camera – Enhanced Audio

BREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they stopped. Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy sacrificed himself to save others #JusticeForLaVoy #HandsUpDontShoot SHARE EVERYWHERE!Harney Sheriff, David Ward – Treason.Deschutes Sheriff, Shayne Nelson – Treason.Governor Kate Brown – Treason.Oregon State Police – Treason.FBI – Treason.Audio forensics have been ran on this video to make the audio more clear.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#AmmonBundy #BundyRanch #FreeTheHammonds #JusticeForLavoy #LibertyRevolution #OregonUnderAttack #‎OregonStandoff

  1. I stand with Lavoy they had no reason to use lethal force they were unarmed and we’re not criminals the FBI and the Federal Government are violating our Constitutional Rights they don’t own us or our land we must Stand For The People and put the Government in their place

  2. We (from Mt. Shasta, CA) are outraged and shocked at the FBI and the Oregon State Police in the handling of Lavoy! Why not defuse the situation and follow the man to the Sheriff’s? This was nothing more than a political assassination on the rancher. When did we start murdering protesters? And terrorizing their children when attempting to murder the children while hunkered down in the car. We will not tolerate this kind of violent action against our citizens and Patriots. To the FBI don’t think the people won’t rise up against you.

  3. I’ve seen this and they were shooting as he got out with his hands up. Can’t speak on what he was saying at the first stop, but think I might be saying that too who knows.
    But I hear two to three shots just as he gets out. Then at least 4-5 as they are killing him. Three hits I don’t’ believe, but…..

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