Day 16 at Camp Liberty – by John Lamb

Camp Liberty
Saturday, May 20th marks day 16 at Camp Liberty and it saw the largest crowd yet. [...]

Day 14 at Camp Liberty – By John Lamb

New camp location, flags flying
Looks like we have a wonderful supporter who would like to purchase and donate a generator for the camp! Thank you so much Denise [...]

NCSO investigation concluded

The Nye County Sheriff has concluded its investigation into the abuse of Ammon Bundy. Their investigation concluded that no Nevada laws were broken by the [...]

Camp Liberty is Moving, Day 11 Eventful

John Lamb receiving daily mail at Camp Liberty
It was an eventful Monday at Camp Liberty. Everyone is excited for the Finicum family, including LaVoy's horse, to host some special events this week. [...]

First Visit from Sheriff Wehrly at Camp Liberty

Sheriff Responding to False Report by CCA Staff 5-6-2017
Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly showed up in her ATV on Saturday, May 6th to make her presence known. She told us things like "as long as you're peaceful, you [...]